About the ESP & PEP

Throughout the project, we engage in frequent and in-depth dialogue with various stakeholders, also outside of the Trials@Home consortium.

This allows us to incorporate the views and knowledge of such stakeholders including patients, (clinical) researchers, healthcare providers, regulators, payers, Health Technology Assessment (HTA) groups, and ethics bodies. Representatives of these stakeholder groups serve on the Trials@Home External Stakeholder Platform (ESP).

The members of the ESP are consulted by the different work package teams several times per year to inform and provide expert feedback on key elements of the activities to ensure relevance and feasibility of project deliverables and create a sense of ‘co-ownership’ of the Trials@Home recommendations and findings, further promoting their future adoption. Concrete directions and guidelines will ensure that results have an immediate impact on drug development.

Trials@Home acknowledges the need to place patients at the centre of the research process, and has set up a Patient Expert Panel (PEP) too, to promote meaningful engagement. PEP members are fully embedded in the Trials@Home project in the form of representation in all work packages and through additional ad-hoc consultations, and also work closely with the External Stakeholder Platform (ESP). PEP members provide input to ensure that the experiences, needs and perspectives of people living with diabetes (the therapeutic area of the pilot project) are reflected at all stages of the research process and during the dissemination phase. The PEP also acts as a resource for all project beneficiaries as well as external parties as needed (e.g. regulatory authorities).