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DTRA Inaugural Annual Meeting

November 10-13, 2021

Trials@Home will participate in a panel session during the DTRA Annual Meeting on the DCT-related work of other initiatives.  This panel is scheduled for Friday November 12th 9am ET at the Boston Encore.

Confirmed Speakers from the following critical initiatives:

  • TransCelerate: Hassan Kadhim (BMS)
  • IMI Trials@Home: Kimberly Hawkins (Sanofi)
  • CTTI: Reem Yunis (Medable)
  • ACRO: Kushal Gohil (Parexel)
  • SCRS: Casey Orvin (CenExel)

This session will be a conversation facilitated by Amir Kalali and Craig Lipset. Goal of the session will be: (1) ensure the diverse DCT leaders across DTRA are aware of the important work of other related initiatives and (2) begin to explore opportunities for “meta-collaboration” across initiatives where appropriate.  The latter point builds on a regular cadence of leadership meetings DTRA has been holding with each initiative over the course of 2021 to ensure transparency and the potential for hand-offs.

DTRA is looking forward to a safe and rewarding opportunity to learn, network, and advance work together.  Those joining in-person will be vaccine-verified with on-site antigen testing; all content will be streamed online to ensure learning opportunities are broadly accessible.

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