Understanding the key terms that will feature in project outputs (updated April 2021)


The aim of the glossary is to establish a common language and to aid understanding of key terms that will feature in project outputs. The glossary itself, presented in the document, may be updated during the Trials@Home project so that important new terms can be added, obsolete terms removed, or existing terms updated to significant new insights. This approach has been chosen to reflect the fast-changing remote decentralised clinical trial landscape.

To create a glossary of terms and definitions used within the Trials@Home project (hereafter simply called “glossary”), we employed a variety of methods for information gathering, concept extraction and definition, conflict management, and glossary validation and quality control.

For the creation and conception of the glossary, a workgroup was formed comprising members of work packages 1-5, 2 members per work package: one from the EFPIA side, and one from the public side. This workgroup then set out to find suitable concepts related to decentralised clinical trials (DCTs) for inclusion in the glossary.