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Trials@Home (EU/EFPIA Innovative Medicines Initiative – Joint Undertaking (H2020-JTI-IMI2) Trials@Home grant n° 831458) aims to reshape clinical trial design, conduct and operations, by developing and piloting standards, recommendations and tools for the definition and operationalisation of remote decentralised clinical trials (RDCTs) in Europe.

Identifying existing RCDT solutions

In this current stage we are exploring and mapping existing RDCT technologies across-the-board in any stage of the RCT.

To support our search we provide the opportunity for companies to submit their technologies in any of the areas listed below, or indicate that the technology or service is applicable in multiple  / other areas.

(i.e. protocol development, feasibility assessment and selection, site startup, ethics submission, technology setup, operational setup)

(i.e. participant outreach & screening, participant education, obtaining informed consent, randomization, IMP supply, patient technology enablement, patient compensation)

(i.e. patient reported outcomes, gathering of data in a formal clinical setting, acquisition management and operation of wearables & sensors, sample management, image management, gathering of  real-life data, data (repository) management, source data verification, query management, data integrity, protocol and GCP Deviations, access control, data transformation, data analytics)

(i.e. monitoring inspection facilitation, system approval facilitation, documentation management, home visits, remote telemedicine visits, study oversight)

(i.e. archiving, publishing, data quality checks, decommissioning)

(i.e. trial awareness, information and alerts/reminders to patients, patient retention incentives, behavioral incentives, direct outreach / interaction with trial personnel, healthcare providers, satisfaction surveys, participant advisory board)

What happens when you submit your solution?

Information will be saved and classified in a secured Trials@Home (technology scan) database. You will be contacted if there are any questions and if we would like to proceed in further discussions about your solution(s).

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